Monday, December 17, 2012

A word a day

 cosy (or cozy) - adjective (cosiercosiestcoziercoziest)

    1. (of small spaces) comfortable and warm
    A cosy little room or apartment
    A cosy armchair

    2. (of a relationship or conversation) intimate, friendly and relaxed
    A cosy chat
    cosy dinner with the whole family 
    A cosy evening in front of the fireplace

    3. convenient
    A cosy arrangement
    A cosy deal

    Where do you feel cosy? Do you feel cosy in your room?
    The singer in the next song feels cosy in a rocket! Actually, the lyrics about the rocket come from Ted Hughes (1930 – 1998), English poet and children's book writer, from his poem Crow and Mama, where a little crow’s actions result in harming his mother; then he gets in a rocket and crashes on the moon:
    ... ... ...
    He jumped into the rocket ...

    And it was cosy in the rocket, he could not see much 

    But he peered out through the portholes at Creation 

    And saw the stars millions of miles away 

    And saw the future and the universe 

    Opening and opening 

    And kept on and slept and at last 

    Crashed on the moon awoke...

    But I' ve said a lot. Enjoy the song!